Historic metrics may be hurting you!

Do you strive for Hours per R.O. (high is good … low is bad)?
If so, it is probably hurting you.

Do you strive for a higher Effective Labor Rate (high is good … low is bad)?
If so, it is probably hurting you.

Do you strive for higher Dollars per Repair Order (high is good … low is bad)?
If so, it is probably hurting you.

Relying solely on DMS generated reports to measure the performance of your parts department is probably not enough.

Do you strive for a higher Average Gross Per New Vehicle Retail PNVR (high is good … low is bad)?
If so, it is probably hurting you.

Do you strive for a higher Average Gross Per Used Vehicle Retail PUVR (high is good … low is bad)?
If so, it is probably hurting you.

Do we always reward the highest gross producer per vehicle sold?
If so, it is probably hurting you.

Even if you are realizing a net credit in floor plan expense it could be masking a problem.

Let’s talk and we will show you why!

Service Department

Service Departments keep over 70 cents for Every Dollar of Sales! Are you REALLY maximizing the profit potential this department can produce?

  • Hours vs. High Hours per R.O. (striving for high Hours per R.O. is probably hurting you)
  • Dollars per R.O. may not be a wise metric
  • Effective Labor Rate (striving for high is probably hurting you)
  • Historical Metrics used in the past most likely do not work in today’s environment
  • Productivity vs. Efficiency of Technicians (which do you really want?)
  • Distinguish the difference between Work-in-Process and Unapplied Time (the results may scare you)
  • What does your shop look like an hour before you close for the day?

Let us show you how the Service Department can RAISE your TOTAL DEALERSHIP PROFIT by as much as 10% next month!

Parts Department

Perhaps the only inventory owned by the dealer! The Parts Department can be the key to the success of your Service Department

  • What Gross Turns verses True Turns is telling you
  • Phase-in / Phase-out Understanding
  • Best Stocking Levels / Best Reorder Point Understanding
  • Fill Rates (how to increase First Time Fill Rate and Same Day Fill Rate)
  • Obsolescence Control
  • Stock Status Parts verses Non Stock Status Parts
  • Lost Sales (end the debate)
  • Special Order Parts Dilemma
  • Use of Financial Statement to question / confirm DMS reported results

Let us take the mystery out of the Parts Department!

Let’s talk:

Fixed Operations

Pay Plans

Do current Pay Plans really share your vision? Do current Pay Plans benefit the dealership?

Thank Goodness Employees Work Their Pay Plan … Write a Pay Plan That Works!

The automobile business is constantly changing … a Pay Plan designed years ago probably does not work today.

Customized Pay Plans for your dealership needs

  • Evaluation of current pay plans (do they make sense or are they designed to hurt you?)
  • Modify existing Pay Plans to achieve desired department / dealership results. All completed while minimizing employee stress. (a total redesign may not be necessary)
  • Employee compensation is one of your largest expenses!
  • Let us help “custom design” simple, effective pay plans which direct employee’s efforts to achieve desired results, raise employee morale, and lower your expense.

Get in touch:

In-dealership Consulting, Customized for your dealership needs:

Phone Consultation: Comprehensive analysis of your Financial Statement identifying profit opportunities

In Dealership Consultation: In-depth onsite evaluation with your team covering individual or all departments

Specialized Training

Service Advisor Training: Maximizing Technician Inventory while maintaining high Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Total Management Team Training

Whether you have one or multiple dealerships we will customize a training program specifically for your team.

We concentrate on individual departments or conduct a comprehensive program covering the entire dealership

We have the proven training approach to increase your bottom line and build a bench for future expansion.

Industry Speaker

Accomplished Industry Speaker and Presenter on Dealership Operations

We have a program to fit your needs and more importantly your budget …

Let’s talk:


Variable Operations

New Vehicles

20% of your staff produces 80% of your sales. Tired of opportunities missed?

Are you satisfied with:

  • Floor Traffic
  • Recording of Guests
  • Million Dollar Product Presentation to all guests
  • In-Frequency and Quality of Demo Rides
  • Handling of incoming phone calls
  • Do you do too many dealer trades?


Are you ready for a new way of conducting business and controlling your sales floor? Are you really ready for a change?

It is not all about pay plans…
it is about filling the voids which currently exist.

Let us help redesign the future of your sales operation!

Find out how a net credit in floor plan expense may be masking a problem.

Control Aged New Vehicle Inventory

Identify Financial Service opportunities to increase profit opportunity not only produced … but more importantly profits retained!

Used Vehicles

In today’s environment every dealership has two used vehicle display areas… in front of your dealership and your customer’s mobile device! Which one gets the greatest attention?

The Keys to today’s success are understanding:

  • Market Days’ Supply
  • Price to Market
  • Cost to Market
  • Understand Importance of Annualized R.O.I.
  • Control Inventory. Make Aged Used Inventory a thing of the past.
  • Cycle Time for Reconditioning


Realize 15 Turns per Year
Begin to sell 100 used vehicles a month with only 80 in stock!

Let us help redefine the way you do business!

Let's talk:


“You helped us re-think our strategies. Every team leader is now working for the same ultimate goal. Who would have thought what I was taught 25 years ago in the industry was actually what was deterring us from moving forward. I will NEVER go back. Randy, thank you for your help and guidance in helping us move into the 21st century way of thinking in the automotive industry. Our bottom line is now healthier for the store.”

Doug Decker

Heuberger Motors Inc.
“April has been our largest labor profit month ever. I can see it going in the right direction. The technician bonus program is having a positive effect. Last week we had the shop produce more hours than they worked, this is a first. This plan is right for us. This has made us more money and it hasn’t caused any undue turmoil.”

Ken Lendrum

North Country Subaru


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