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New Vehicles
20% of your staff produces 80% of your sales. Tired of opportunities missed?

Are you satisfied with:

• Floor Traffic
• Recording of Guests
• Million Dollar Product Presentation to all guests
• In-Frequency and Quality of Demo Rides
• Handling of incoming phone calls
• Do you do too many dealer trades?
Are you ready for a new way of conducting business and controlling your sales floor?

Are you really ready for a change?

It is not all about pay plans…
it is about filling the voids which currently exist.

Let us help redesign the future of your sales operation!

Find out how a net credit in floor plan expense may be masking a problem. 

  • Control Aged New Vehicle Inventory
  • Identify Financial Service opportunities to increase profit opportunity not only produced … but more importantly profits retained!

Used Vehicles

In today’s environment every dealership has two used vehicle display areas… in front of your dealership and your customer’s mobile device! Which one gets the greatest attention?
The Keys to today’s success are understanding:
• Market Days’ Supply
• Price to Market
• Cost to Market
• Understand Importance of Annualized R.O.I.
• Control Inventory. Make Aged Used Inventory a thing of the past.
• Cycle Time for Reconditioning

Realize 15 Turns per Year
Begin to sell 100 used vehicles a month with only 80 in stock!

Let us help redefine the way you do business!