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Do your current Pay Plans really share your vision?
Do your current Pay Plans benefit the dealership?

The automobile business has changed over the years … a Pay Plan designed years ago probably does not work today.
Customized Pay Plans for your dealership needs

  • Evaluation of current pay plans for validity (do they make sense or are they designed to hurt you?)
  • Modify existing Pay Plans to achieve desired department / dealership results.  All completed while minimizing employee stress.  (a total redesign may not be necessary)

Employee compensation is one of your largest expenses!

Let us help “custom design” simple, effective pay plans which direct employee’s efforts to achieve desired results, raise employee morale, and lower your expense.

Look at what our clients say:
Since you helped us re-think our strategies “tweak” our pay plans/incentive programs with our key personnel, we have found significant increase to the bottom line consistently over the past 3 months. And we are growing every day!  I put into place the incentive to parallel the new “focus” for the month of that directly resulted in over $40,000.00 in parts and labor sales just from our quick lube oil change tickets!

I have since added another Service Advisor and two more flat rate techs to our flourishing crew.

Doug Decker
Heuberger Motors Inc.

The technician bonus program is having a positive effect.  Last week we had the shop produce more hours than they worked, this is also a first.  This plan is right for us. 

Ken Lendrum
North Country Subaru