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Service Department
Service Departments keep over 70 cents for Every Dollar of Sales!

Are you REALLY maximizing the profit potential this department can produce?

• Hours vs. High Hours per R.O. (why striving for high Hours per R.O. is probably hurting you)
• Dollars per R.O. may not be a wise metric
• Effective Labor Rate (why striving for high is probably hurting you)

Historical Metrics used in the past just don’t work in today’s environment

• Productivity vs. Efficiency of technicians (which do you really want?)
• Distinguish the difference between Work-in-Process and Unapplied Time (the results may scare you)
• What does your shop look like an hour before you close for the day?

Let us show you how the service department can RAISE your TOTAL DEALERSHIP PROFIT by as much as 10% next month!

Parts Department
Perhaps the only inventory owned by the dealer!

The Parts Department can be the key to the success of your service department

• Gross Turns verses True Turns
• Phase-in / Phase-out Understanding
• Best Stocking Levels / Best Reorder Point Understanding
• Fill Rates (how to increase First Time Fill Rate and Same Day Fill Rate)
• Obsolescence Control
• Stock Status Parts verses Non Stock Status Parts
• Lost Sales (end the debate)
• Special Order Parts Dilemma
• Use of Financial Statement to question / confirm DMS reported results

Let us take the mystery out of the Parts Department!